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Jan 19
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Drupal North 2015

Hi - I'm Aidan, the owner of Foster Interactive. My team is proud to be the website sponsors for the first Drupal North Regional Summit. While it's been a tiny bit crazy building a multi-lingual site in Drupal 8 beta - it's been a great experience, and it's going to be a great event!

The (Limited) Scope:
The dev work had to be streamlined as we had no idea what problems we’d run into. We knew we could get away with something feature-light, as there’s some serious nerd-cred from actually building the first multilingual conference site in D8 beta - so we took shortcuts.
- Event registration was managed in
- If possible, implement any functionality in the front-end using 3rd party code when practical.
- No contrib! (ok a little… 8.x date, pathauto & token)

We ended up with 4 functional requirements:
- Fancy Landing Page
- Basic Pages
- Collect Session Proposals
- A really awesome schedule page.

Kickoff & First Impressions:
We knew we’d shed a few tears on the build, but my expectations what would give us trouble were wrong. The first thing I noticed about D8 was how easy it was to get started in the authoring environment.

Major improvements include...
- CKEditor, with fielded image insert comes standard.
- Enable 4 core modules and literally everything can be translated.
- Everything that’s a list of content in the Admin UI is a view so it’s easy to customize.

For more information visit our case study:

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